Tuesday 22 September 2015

Concurrent Session 3

1100 – 1230 Partitioning Cold Adaption Pasture Breeding Managing Seasonal Variability Systems and Tillage Managing Productive And Sustainable Landscapes – Land Management Managing Productive And Sustainable Landscapes – Rice
Room Tasman A Tasman B Tasman C Plenary Auditorium Wellington 1 Wellington 2 Greenroom
 Chair  Len Wade Meixue Zhou Rowan Smith Tina Acuña Colin Piggin Greg McLean Holger Meinke
1100 – 1120

Response to competition and association with yield of chickpea

Mr Lachlan Lake 

Floral morphology in rice grown under cold temperatures at booting and flowering and its effect on spikelet sterility

Ms Zuziana Susanti 

MLA – Investing in feedbase production

Dr Tom Davison

Near-term pasture growth rate forecasts: which method works best?

Richard Rawnsley 

Assessing long-term (2004 to 2014) effects of rotation and tillage on grain yield and soil C and N of a medium rainfall temperate cropping system

Dr Roger Armstrong

Back to the future. Big data opportunities for Australian grain growers

Mr Mark Luckey 

Combining field trials and crop modelling of dry direct seeded rice to reduce production risks in Lao PDR under current and future climates

Ms Alison Laing

1120 – 1140

Change in biomass partitioning and transpiration efficiency in Australian wheat varieties released over the last decades

Mr Andrew Fletcher 

Closing the gap: linking phenotype to genotype in rice lines contrasting for cold adaptation

Dr Jaquie Mitchell

Potential new cultivars of phalaris for the medium rainfall (450-550 mm) mixed farming zone in southern New South Wales

Dr Richard Culvenor

Adapting irrigated and dryland farming systems to climate change and extreme weather events: is simplification or intensification more effective?

Dr Matthew Harrison

Biodiesel production in New Zealand – opportunities and considerations

Dr Jeff McCormick

Soil-landscape effects on plant available water capacity (PAWC)

Dr Kirsten Verburg 

Resilience of smallholder farmers in Cambodian lowland rice ecosystems in managing for future climate uncertainty

Ms Alison Laing

1140 – 1200

Yield components of reduced tillering wheat lines from the Yaruna multi-parent population

Dr David Bowran 

Predicting heading date and frost impact in wheat across Australia

Dr Bangyou Zheng 

Plantain and chicory could potentially complement the perennial ryegrass dominant dairy feedbase

Dr Keith Pembleton 

Can Modelled Soil Moisture with the Southern Oscillation Index Predict Poor Spring Pasture Production?

Miss Jane Court

A review of annual intercrops in rainfed farming systems of southern Australia

Andrew Fletcher 

Farming practices at the landscape scale: a novel approach investigating rotations in the WA wheatbelt

Ms Myrtille Lacoste 

Validation of APSIM for long duration rice varieties in different agro-climatic zones of Sri Lanka

Ruwanga K Amarasingha

1200 – 1220

Potential role of 3D modelling of canopy architecture to explore G x E x M interactions in wheat

Dr Jochem B. Evers

Modelling the impact of frost on wheat production in Australia

Dr Kirsten Barlow 

An investigation of the social sustainability of genetically modified rye grass forage in New Zealand

Dr Bruce Small

Can seasonal forecasting minimise the threats of climate variability to achieve profitable crop-livestock productions in NSW

Dr Muhuddin Anwar 

Industrial hemp in New Zealand – cash cropping for a better environment

Dr Huub Kerckhoffs 

Soil is the mirror of landscapes: Reflections on the legacy and future of soil knowledge management for sustainable farming

Dr Lisa Lobry de Bruyn 

Entry points for eco-efficient alternative rice production system in Punjab, Pakistan

Dr Masood Awan


1220 – 1225

3D modelling of tillering behaviour and light interception of freely (-tin) and restricted (+tin) tillering wheat near-isolines

Dr Carina Moeller 

Cold temperature under aerobic conditions increases spikelet sterility in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mr Christopher Proud 

Sirolan phalaris and Kasbah cocksfoot prove more persistent than lucerne under drought in a medium rainfall cropping environment

Mr Richard Hayes 

Characterization of maize growing environments in eastern and southern Africa using the APSIM model

Mr Solomon Seyoum 

Measuring farming practices used on cotton farms

Mrs Ingrid Roth 

Smallholder farmer innovation. 1. Replacing transplanted rice monoculture with direct seeded rice based cropping systems.

Ashok Kumar



1225 – 1230

Phenology, leaf and yield production patterns of sweet pepper under irrigated seasonal dry lowlands conditions, Papua New Guinea

 Dr Mark Boersma 

Use of chemical protective products to change the ability of wheat to tolerate frost

Mr Michael Zerner 

The development of a mid-season barrel medic (Medicago truncatula Gaertn.) cultivar with tolerance to sulfonylurea herbicide residues

Mr David Peck


Comparison of stubble management strategies in the high rainfall zone

Mr Geoff Dean

  Discussion Discussion

Concurrent Session 4

1330 – 1500 Heat Stress Weeds and Herbicides Pasture Roots and Nutritive Characteristics Nutrient Management  1 Nutrient Placement Carbon Farming


1330 – 1455

Room Tasman A  Tasman B  Tasman C  Plenary Auditorium  Wellington 1  Wellington 2 Greenroom
 Chair  Jaquie Mitchell Peter Lane Keith Pembleton Mark Peoples Steve Philips Margaret Roper Carina Moeller
1330 – 1350

Field-screening for crop adaptation to heat stress: untangling confounded effects of sowing date trials

A/Prof Victor Sadras 

Harvest weed seed control: ryegrass seed retention levels in south-eastern Australia wheat crops

Dr John Broster 

Influence of fungal endophyte on plant water status, non-structural carbohydrate content and biomass partitioning in Brachiaria grasses grown under drought stress

Mr Kennedy Odokonyero 

The feasibility of fertilising oats and forage sorghum with nitrogen and phosphorus in the brigalow belt of Queensland

Mr Stuart Buck 

A bioeconomic framework for phosphorus deep placement decisions

Dr Andrew Zull 

Why do farmers partially adopt conservation farming practices? A sociological study of stubble retention in NSW and Victoria

Ms Caroline Love



3D Modelling Workshop: Simulation of crop growth and development

Dr Jochem Evers

Workshop participants will need to download software and bring along your laptop.

1350 – 1410

Heat shock response in wheat under Free Air CO2 Enrichment

Dr James Nuttall 

Improving herbicide tolerance in pulses to support the diversification of Australian crop rotations

Ms Dili Mao 

Broad NIRS calibrations to predict nutritional value of the southern feedbase

Dr Hayley Norman

Managing nitrogen nutrition under intensive cropping in low rainfall environments

Dr Therese McBeath 

NPK fertilisers as agents for the biofortification of trace elements in wheat

Dr Elliott Duncan 

Quantifying the effect of soil organic carbon on wheat yield: a simulation study

Mrs Jeda Palmer 

Workshop Continued
1410-1430 Heat stress effects on grain sorghum productivity- biology and modelling

Dr Vijaya Singh

Dual direction allelopathy: the case of canola, wheat and annual ryegrass

Mr Joe Moore

Changes in rhizobia population over time in inoculated and uninoculated lucerne plants

Miss Kathryn Wigley 

Nitrogen management: a key driver of farm business profit and risk in the low rainfall Mallee

Mr Michael Moodie 

Lessons learnt about nitrogen and phosphorus from a 30 year study in a sub-tropical continuous cropping system on a vertosol

Mr Bede O’mara 

What carbon farming activities are farmers likely to adopt?

Miss Nikki Dumbrell

1430 – 1435

Genetic variation in wheat pollen heat tolerance

A/ Professor Daniel Tan

Flaxleaf fleabane management in cropping systems of southern Australia

Mr Ben Fleet 

Soil carbon storage in the root zone of a perennial grass pasture

Mr Richard Hayes 

Postnormal thinking: The need for a better understanding of what oil vulnerability will mean for Australian agriculture

Mr Donald Coventry 

Effect of deep placement of NPK briquette for rice yield maximization during Boro, T Aus and T Aman seasons at different locations in Bangladesh

Dr Md. Abu Bakar Siddique Sarker 

Modeling the effects of mixed farming systems on soil carbon and crop-livestock productivity in central-west NSW

Dr Muhuddin Anwar


1435 – 1440

South East Australian grain growers and advisors rate grain filling heat as a greater risk than frost

Mr Dale Grey

The extent of herbicide resistance in Tasmanian wild radish populations

Dr John Broster 

Lucerne root dynamics under defoliation regimes

Mr Steve Clark 

Improving WUE of canola in central NSW

Mr Rohan Brill 

Adding sulfur to finished fertilisers: inside or outside?

Prof Graeme Blair 

Developing conservation agricultural innovations and practice change: a model for future research, development, extension and training in a brave new world

Prof Deirdre Lemerle

1440 – 1445

Association between wheat yield and temperature in south-eastern Australia

A/Prof Victor Sadras 

A quick test for glyphosate resistance in annual ryegrass

Mr Aaron Preston

Distribution of lucerne roots in summer-dry environments of southern Australia

Mr Steve Clark

Determining the extent of declining pasture productivity with nitrogen fertiliser

Mr Stuart Buck 

Response to deep placed P, K and S in central Queensland

Dr Robert Norton  

Modelling soil organic carbon 1. The value of long term agronomic experimental data

Dr Garry O’Leary


1445 – 1450

Genotypic heat tolerance in lentil

Miss Audrey Delahunty


On-farm demonstrations of low-input methods for establishing legumes in central Queensland

Joe O’Reagain 

Nitrogen uptake and nitrogen use efficiency of forage kale crops grown under varying amounts of water and nitrogen fertiliser rates in shallow soils

Mr Emmanuel Chakwizira

‘Topping up’ wheat with foliar P: getting the right combination of P formulation and adjuvant

Ms Courtney Peirce 

Modelling soil organic carbon 2. Effects of stocking rate, nitrogen fertiliser and stubble retention on changes across farming systems in eastern Australia

Dr De Li Liu


1450 – 1455 Discussion  Discussion  Discussion

Production interactions between combinations of 4 perennial legumes and 5 perennial grasses, grown under high input management with and without applications of nitrogen

Dr Rowan Smith 

Subsoil manuring in the high rainfall zone: a practice for ameliorating subsoils for improved productivity

Dr Renick Peries

1455 – 1500  Discussion  Discussion  Discussion  Discussion

Crop productivity and profitability improved by high analysis granular P over liquid P or rock phosphate

Mr Colin McMaster